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Why Olamide May Remain A
Local Artiste For Long

Ybnl Boss and Versatile Music artiste, Olamide aka
Badoo is one of the most respected and recognized artiste in the Country…

His versatility to rap and sing and also fit into different
genres of music from trap to reggae to fuji and many more has distinguished from
The crop of talented artistes in Nigeria today..
This brings one to the
reason why the artiste has not been duly recognized
internationally and outside Nigeria alongside his peers
like Davido and Wizkid..
Why is Olamide name lacking in most international awards
and the talented artiste not getting deserved attention
from the outside World..
Note – Doing indigenous music is not an excuse for
lack of intl recognition. 9ice
was invited to nelson
mandela and MOB0 and Yousuf won a grammy with his local songs.. So doing
local or indigenous song is never an excuse..

1) Quantity Over Quality –
Olamide has made quantity is main goal..Flood the scene
with songs and songs till you reach a point of equilibrum and then start to decline…
Olamide has failed to allow the people thirst for his songs and his releases are
not up to expectations too…
It gets to a point listeners are no longer gingered to
listen to what the artist will say as artist becomes
monotous and repititive. The rapper is even gearing up to release a sixth studio album.

2) Branding –
Branding is also very much …. The Kind
of brand Olamide potrays is of the not too internationally
minded artist. He hardly dresses corporate and potray his versatility in his
He has even gone ahead to Brand himself a Local
Rapper. This type of image projected is the way he is addressed..
He has even refused to meet up with more influential
managers and more serious minded and music experts…..
The lack of Expertise on the side of the management and consisting of influential managers does bear its mark.

3) Appeal –
While deviation
from indigenous music is not the point. Appeal is very
paramount….. Olamide style
is not appealing to the outside world.. Sometimes balancing works.. I wonder
if Hausas listen to olamide songs ? But i bet more listen to 9ice ? Why A little of more mature songs
and english lyrics might do the trick….Do something
appealing to every one and yet dont forget the minority.
You dont waste international features with Wale on songs
like papilo you go make us proud….
Give them what they love.. Trap,pop. Feature more of
their artistes and seek for international features….
Olamide is a Legend and will remain one… However,
breaking into the
international market Like Wizkid is not an easy job……
Olamide has too much talent than to be labelled a local
rapper… We want to see him topping the billboard chart
and copping his own BET award soon too… Enough of the Headies and NEA awards.

Written by javi ndaavna
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